Never have to walk off again because of wet equipment

Playing in the WET A few adjustments and you’ll be ready.

Escape WET sand It's different to playing from dry sand.

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DryDog is made by golfers for golfers in South Africa


The Story

Two South African golfers got fed up with the lack of rain covers for golf bags in South Africa, the ones that are available are sub-standard hard plastic ones with zips that broke when used more than 3 times. One rainy day they decided that they deserve the opportunity to play their beloved sport anytime they want to, even when it is raining.

One of the first things that had to happen was getting a cool name, after 2 quarts of beer (Transkei Dumpies) the name DryDog was decided on, the symbolism of the name was lost after the 5th beer but they stuck with it because it sounded cool. The second thing was sourcing the best materials and getting the design just right, late nights were spent cutting cloth and learning to sew, it was decided that the cover will be the best that money can buy and no shortcuts will be taken. They quickly became conversant with terms such as "double-slider-open-ended-number 5-chunky zips", "frogging" and "laminated linings", they use these words every time they want to impress or bore someone.

Once a design was finalized several prototypes were made, these prototypes worked perfectly except the fabric was so slick that the screen printing literally fell off. Material sourcing started again and they decided on a new high quality, light weight customized waterproof fabric. More prototypes were made and whilst testing they were bought immediately by other golfers who saw the covers on the course (that is how well they worked). The gentleman that bought the very first DryDog Rain cover was so impressed that he bought into the business we now have 3 partners.

We truly belive that the DryDog rain cover is the best rain cover available in the world. Be aware of cheap imitations.

The rain covers are manufactured on the South Coast (Golf Coast) of South Africa by a bunch of happy seamstresses, no money going to China on this one. Local is lekka my China!

Easy access to your clubs Need balls? Waterproof rain cover for you golf bag
Fits the Scotsmans funny trolley Photo opp. on the 18th, holding up the fourball behind us! Dry dogs at the beach
Branded for Sishen golf club Branded for Sishen golf club Branded for Sishen golf club
Carry & Stand Bag Travel bag Cart bag as well!
The carry bag in unnatural surroundings
A happy lady putting the finishing touches on the cover
DryDog covers in the factory
  Valuables bag.